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Saturday, 27 June 2009

VA - Stax of Funk

Someone once told me you only need 1 good funk compilation. I've never heard so much bllks in all my life. As long as they are good you need mooooooooorrreeeeeeeeeeeeee.

And this is a fkn good album, from the Memphis based label.

The tracks come fro the time soul was moving into funk and they are fkn great.

This album led me to so many more artists.
Track listing in comments


vita lite said...

1. Do Me - Knight, Jean
2. Patch It Up - Johnson, Roy Lee
3. Turn Your Damper Down - Thomas, Rufus
4. She's My Old Lady Too - Sain, Lee
5. Movin' Dancer - Holley, Bobby
6. Brothers And Sisters (Get Together) - Weston, Kim
7. Running Out - John, Mable
8. Slipped And Tripped - Sweet Inspirations
9. Watch The Dog That Brings The Bone - Foxx, Inez
10. I'll Kill A Brick (About My Man) - Hot Sauce
11. Man Never Knows - Chris & Shack
12. Eli's Pork Chop - Little Sonny
13. Sock Soul - Bar-Kays
14. Grab A Handful - Miller, Art Jerry
15. Braodway Freeze - Scales, Harvey
16. Funky Hot Grits - Thomas, Rufus
17. Hoppin' John - Van Peebles, Melvin
18. Dryer - Johnson, Roy Lee
19. Getting Funky Round Here - Black Nasty
20. Life Is Funky - Round Robin Monopoly
21. Who Is She (And What Is She To You) - Soul Childre

Anonymous said...

get down

Anonymous said...

One can NEVER have enough funk.....especially if it's Stax! Very cool....thanks!

- MoonBear

Buns O'Plenty said...

nice job with the blog! I added you to my blogroll


vita lite said...

Nice one.

Anyone else reading this I reccommend Buns O'plenty for good quality funk "n" soul.

Pjotr OLM said...

Love your music, one of my favourite blogs at the moment.
Keep them coming!

lemonflag said...

Thanks for this

vita lite said...


Anonymous said...

the zip file contains only 17 tracks, not 21. just wondering...
Thanks for the great tunes!

Numeric said...

Thanks for the upload, but this is missing a few tracks... From what I can tell it's missing tracks 4, 8, 9 and 19.

Anonymous said...



will have a dig around and get back this week

Anonymous said...

I hate f#kn up

re-ripped @ 256.



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